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How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE

When You're a Million Short

A must-have guide with all kinds of money-saving tips on living the luxury life for less. Discover how to save thousands of dollars on entertainment, travel, shopping, fashion, beauty, health, home décor, and more.

Each chapter has true-life stories, practical tips and useful website links. 

Many of the tips include getting things for FREE, such as how to get your hair done at upscale salons for free, how to get designer clothes for free, and even how to spend six nights at a four-star resort in Spain for FREE! 

 Find Out How To: 

 • Go to expensive restaurants for 1/4 of the price
 • Wear a $2,000 dress for $50

 • See Broadway, Vegas, and local shows at super discounts

 • Get tickets for Hamilton for $10

 • Get prescription drugs for less than with insurance
 • Travel, dine, and shop for next to zero


There is a ton of valuable information in author Marilyn Anderson’s breezy and fun style which adds up to a wonderful “how-to” book with a humorous flair.

DishonorThyFather-Final Cover-P.jpg


Amid political and racial protests in a Los Angeles hospital, female surgeon Dr. Marika Javid is brutally murdered. In the ensuing investigation, Detective Michael Tucci finds himself compromising his job and his life as he embroils himself in an affair with the victim’s associate, the beautiful and enigmatic Dr. Tara White — whose impenetrable secret could make her the killer’s next target.

Inspired by the controversial issue of honor killings, Dishonor Thy Father is a multicultural thriller spanning three decades and two continents that boldly explores contemporary issues of ethnicity, sexism, spirituality, and social mores in today’s complex and heated political environment

Endorsements & Reviews


"From beginning to end, Dishonor Thy Father is an intuitive and riveting novel...that explores sexism, racism, and bigotry through a fresh lens..." -San Francisco Book Review


“A persistently suspenseful crime drama…provocative commentary on how the past can haunt one’s present.”

-Kirkus Reviews


"...a rousing mystery that will keep readers guessing...well rounded characters and thought-provoking plot unforgettable narrative saturated with romance, mystery, perseverance, and commitment...earns five stars for its originality and command of language…"

-Manhattan Book Review


"This dramatic, fast-paced novel tells a dangerous tale... in living, cinematic color!" 

-Phyllis Chesler, Author, Women and Madness


“An electrifying procedural graced by bold writing." 

-Marvin J. Wolf, Author, Rabbi Ben Mystery Series

"Unique and relevant...cleverly crafted with sexy characters and a thought-provoking premise." 

-Fern Field, Producer, Monk 


“…A heck of a thrilling read!" 

-Robert Lloyd Lewis, Producer, Dexter


"… a fascinating thriller with romance that takes the reader on a journey across cultures and continents." 

-Carole Isenberg, Associate Producer, The Color Purple


"Though this story is fictional, thousands of women across the globe are real life victims of honor killing. Hopefully Dishonor Thy Father will help shed some light on this atrocity that is rarely addressed." -Yasmine Mohammed Ex-Muslim, Human Rights Activist, Founder of Free Hearts, Free Minds


" intricate murder mystery with edge of your seat suspense...abounds with twists and turns, leading to a stunning final reveal!" -Paul Bernbaum, Writer/Producer, Hollywoodland starring Ben Affleck


The middle-grade novel to be published 2021 is based on the 2015 family film, How to Beat a Bully. When a 12-year-old boy moves to a new town, he is picked on by school bullies. In order to protect himself, he fibs that his father is a hit man for the mob. When the rumor spreads to real mobsters, they capture the dad. Ultimately, the boy and his new BFFs save the day and his dad! 

Book no.1
Book no.2b
Book 2a
Book no.3
New Chocolate cover.jpg


         It's rich, it's sweet, and it

     doesn'tcall me a fat-assed bitch!

A humorous book about relationships and chocolate, with illustrations, recipes, and delicious tidbits about dating and mating.

Book number 4


DANCE WITH A STRANGER is the story of a beautiful pediatrician who goes undercover as a taxi-dancer to solve the murder of her father, an eminent plastic surgeon. In the dark seedy world of a late-night dance club, Christine discovers that several of the young female dancers died so-called “accidental” deaths where their faces were disfigured.


Living her double life gets more and more dangerous as she gets involved with the sordid people from the club and her boyfriend gets killed.


Finally, she realizes her father was murdered because he learned that a famous Burn Center was doing miraculous cures – by killing young women and using their facial skin on affluent burn victims.

When the devious scientists realize that Christine has discovered their lethal scheme, they capture her and prepare her to be their next victim! 

Book Number 5


An Untamed Look at the Men in Your Life

Have you ever heard the expression, “He’s an animal”?  Of course you have. Every woman at some time has described a man as an animal.  We’ve all heard, “He’s a two-timing snake,” or “He’s as sweet as a lamb.”  And of course there’s, “Yuccch, he’s a pig.” Or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to exclaim, “Grrr…he’s a tiger!” The fact is, whoever the man – whether he’s your boyfriend, your boss, or your bartender – whether he’s the hunky hard body sweating on the Stairmaster at the gym; the wild-eyed maniac road-raging in the next lane; or the greasy slime-ball clawing and pawing you on a first date—there is sure to be an animal that perfectly describes him.


HE’S AN ANIMAL is a hip, edgy and fun book that depicts men as animals. Using comical illustrations and clever, insightful captions, HE’S AN ANIMAL is an easy-to-read gift book that is perfect for the front counter at a card shop or the gift rack at a book store. 

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