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A must-have consumer guide with all kinds of money-saving tips on entertainment, travel, shopping, fashion, beauty, health, home décor, and more.


 A thriller about a beautiful young doctor who goes undercover as an exotic dancer to solve the murder of her father, an eminent cosmetic surgeon.


  A new middle-grade novel

based on the 2015 family film,

      How to Beat a Bully 


A whimsical book on relationships that depicts men as animals, with comical illustrations and clever captions.

  An exciting multicultural thriller about a beautiful surgeon, an obsessed detective, and the bizarre murder that brings them together



A humorous look at relationships

 with recipes for your sweet tooth

About Us



    Our Team

In addition to our talented authors, the following associates work with us at Potpourri Books:


      Bill McGowan, Creative guru and marketing specialist

      Michael Melamed, Consultant



Our Books
About Us

About Us

Potpourri Books offers readers an eclectic choice of reading treats. From novels and non-fiction to humor and children's books. We love the unique and special, because that's what our readers are, too!



    Our Team

The staff at Potpourri Books includes seasoned professionals who have worked in the publishing and entertainment industries for many years. We are committed to bringing projects to fruition with innovation and excellence.

Sorry, we are not accepting submissions at this time. We wish you the best of luck in finding a wonderful home for your project.


Meet Our Authors

Marilyn Anderson

Marilyn is an author, travel reporter, and award-winning film & television writer. She co-wrote and produced the 2015 family film, How to Beat a Bully. TV credits include Murphy Brown, FAME, Friday the 13th - the Series and Carol & Company, starring Carol Burnett and Jeremy Piven. Marilyn is the author of Never Kiss a Frog: A Girl's Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp, MUTTweiler: An AutoDOGography, and, new from Potpourri Books: How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short.

Richard Rossner

Richard is an author and seasoned film and television writer. He co-wrote the 2015 family film, How to Beat a Bully with Marilyn Anderson. The two screenwriters are also authoring the middle-grade novel, How to Beat a Bully. Richard's television credits include the series Full House, She's the Sheriff and several pilots. He also worked on the famous Live Aid Concert. Richard works with his wife Rahla Kahn on The Power of Play, a program designed to help cancer patients.

Mike robinson photo2.PNG

Mike Robinson

Mike is a novelist, screenwriter, and literary editor, based in Los Angeles. His novels include The Enigma of Twilight Falls trilogy, The Prince of Earth, Skunk Ape Semester, and The Atheist. More of his work can be found at

Dan Beckerman

Dan is a produced screenwriter, stand-up comedian and comedy writer as well as a former advertising executive. Dan has worked with numerous entertainment companies developing projects for both film and television. He was co-writer of the film, Making Mr Right, on Lifetime TV. He has two humor books set to come out next year.

Ira Heffler

Ira is an author (Life Story Video: How to Create a Video Biography, and Slamming Aptitude Tests: Writing Your Way into the College of Your Choice), screenwriter (Lucky 13 with Harland Williams, and 30-Love with Brenda Vaccaro), and playwright (Big Daddy… Stranded in the Jungle, and An Evening with Betsy O’Connell).  In addition, Ira has been a tenured Professor of Speech Communication at Glendale College for 35 years.

News and Events


Published in August, 2020, Dishonor Thy Father has already garnered excellent reviews.  The authors have just signed with an 

audiobook company, Cherry Hill Publishing. 


The book is being exhibited by the Independent Book Publishers Association at the 2020 virtual Frankfurt Book Fair for foreign licensing and translations in countries throughout the world.

DishonorThyFather-Final Cover-P.jpg

“This is a must-have guide that belongs on everyone’s bookshelf within easy reach. Engaging, funny, and filled with delightful stories of how and where to get the best deals on everything from Vegas shows to shoes, spas, and adventures at the Spam Museum . . . you will adore Marilyn and her book!” –Chellie Campbell, Author of The Wealthy Spirit and From Worry to Wealthy


"Men, women, college graduates, millennials, baby boomers, or anyone who has felt the sting of the economy . . . this book relates to everyone! It's got a ton of information that is beneficial and fun.  –Wendy Kram, Producer of Mad Money, starring Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, and Katie Holmes

“How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short captures the essence of the luxury lifestyle and perfectly marries it to the everyday person.” –Michael J. Herman, Author of Becoming the Complete Champion: One Motivational Minute at a Time

“This is an awesome book with loads of terrific money-saving tips for the good things in life. Marilyn has something for everyone, whether you're a million short or in the chips.” 

–John Seeley M.A., Author of Get Unstuck: The Simple Guide to Restart Your Life

“How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short showed me how I can take women out on amazing dates, spending next to nothing in the process – which is the dream of every red-blooded American male. Thank you, Marilyn Anderson, for enabling my dating life and keeping me from bankruptcy.” –Mark Miller, Blogger, Huffington Post & Author of 500 Dates: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Online Dating Wars                                                                                                                                                                             

  How To Live Like a MILLIONAIRE 

     When You're a Million Short 

As featured in Forbes and USA Weekly. It won an IRWIN Award as the Best Book on Saving Money and Living Well of the Year.

“Thanks to Marilyn's advice, I enjoyed a six-night stay at a four-star resort in Spain, including accommodations and all meals – for FREE!” –Felice Peres, Singer-Songwriter


“You’re a woman and want to feel like a million dollars – or put a million-dollar smile on your face? Read Marilyn’s book. And if you’re a man, read this little gem of a book . . . you’ll put a smile on your woman’s face and still be able to put gas in your tank.” –Mark Fisher, Author of The Instant Millionaire and the Lazy Millionaire 

“How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short opens the gates to divine riches for everyone . . . even those with just a piggy bank. This book pays for itself over and over again.” –Joel Eisenberg, Author of The Chronicles of Ara


“Live like a millionaire . . . isn’t that everyone’s dream? Marilyn Anderson understands this dream – and how to achieve it in some very clever, creative ways. Her new book is both inspiring and practical – a powerful guide to creating a life you love!”

–BJ Gallagher, Author of The Power of Positive DOING and It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been

“Reading this book improved my life!” –Rhonda Miller, Retiree

“For more than a decade, Marilyn Anderson has amazed me with her ability to accomplish the impossible. This book is the recipe for her secret sauce. Don’t even hesitate – buy this book and start living like a millionaire!” –Catherine Clinch, Social Media Strategy Consultant and Writer, The Love Boat, Hunter, and Jake and the Fat Man


Millionaire and The Lazy Millionaire


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